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"We are A Family of God,

United to Share the Love of Christ"


Shiloh 1938


    The coming into history of the United Institutional Baptist Church of Greensboro and its growth is a phenomenal event in Baptist church history in North Carolina.  The Mount Sinai Church which was organized in 1903 and the East Market Street Church founded in August 1909 merged in 1930 and became the United Institutional Baptist Church.  Rev.  J.C. Melton was called to serve as the first pastor. After the resignation of Rev. Melton on January 13, 1938 the church was without a pastor until June 14, 1939 when Rev. Dr. Charles W. Anderson, Sr. was called to serve.

Many great events occurred in the church while under the leadership of Pastor Anderson and the Co-Pastor, Rev. Lois J. Anderson. After the death of Rev. Anderson in 1988, the church

was without a pastor until Rev. Matthew Johnson was called to serve on October 7, 1989. He served until January 23, 1994.

   The fourth pastor of United, Reverend Doctor Johnny R. Freeman was called in 1995. Reverend Freeman provides the kind of pastoral leadership that enables the church to not only grow numerically and financially, but most importantly to grow spiritually. Since Rev. Freeman’s arrival, the church has been both prayerful and vigilant in its efforts to build upon the foundation that has been laid by those who have gone before us.

    Some of the significant ministries and accomplishments that have been implemented under Reverend Freeman’s leadership are: Women’s and Men Ministry, Christian Education Institute, Children’s and Youth Ministries. Other initiatives that the church has accomplished to enhance its worship and facilities are: Fellowship Hour, Retreats, Seminars and Workshops, Hallelujah Fest, casual months, and renovations of the church’s sanctuary.

    Reverend Freeman’s pastoral ministry is centered around God’s vision for United: “A family of GOD united to share the Love of Christ.” We welcome you to become a part of United’s future as we share the love of Christ!

Former Pastors of United

Former Pastors of United

Rev. C.C. Stanton


Rev. J.C. Melton


Rev. Charles W. Anderson


Rev. Lois  Anderson


Rev. Dr. Matthew V. Johnson


Not Shown: Co-Founder, Rev. P.A. Callahan - 1930 & Interim Pastor, Rev. Michael McClain - 1994-1995

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